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An ideal location

Situated in the middle of the Aegean Sea, Skyros is a perfect destination for all nature lovers... 

Getting to Skyros​

You can travel to Skyros via ferry boat departing from Kimi port in east Evia. The travel time is around one and a half hours and there are daily scheduled trips to / from Skyros. Skyros is also connected by ferry with Alonissos, Skopelos, Skiathos and also Volos. The scheduled itineraries during summer are very frequent, for more details please visit the Skyros Shipping Company websiteYou can also travel to Skyros by plane from Athens or Thessaloniki international airports. The duration of both flights is approximately half an hour.

Getting to Tiepolo Apartments

Tiepolo Apartments is conveniently located on the eastern side of Skyros at "Molos", the second largest settlement of the island. It is about 15 kilometres from Skyros airport (located in the northern part of Skyros) and 12 kilometres from the port of Linaria (western side of Skyros). Tiepolo Apartments can be easily accessed by bus (there is a bus stop outside our facilities), taxis or privately / rented vehicles. Free parking within our premises is provided to all our guests.

While at Tiepolo Apartments in Skyros

Tiepolo Apartments is minutes away from the island’s main beach (Molos / Magazia) and is also within walking distance to three other popular beaches and local shops. Going to "Chorio" (the main village) is effortless as Tiepolo Apartments is just 15 minutes away on foot. We will be very happy to assist you with all your queries about local attractions, car / bike reservations and public transportation itineraries.

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